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Elizabeth Wainwright at Kinga Animal Advocacy


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Kenya Wildlife Service mentions that there is currently 2800 uniformed agents to manage “approximately eight percent of the total landmass of Kenya that consists of 22 national parks, 29 national reserves and four national sanctuaries including six marine national reserves and four marine national parks. ” This does not include the remaining percentage of land outside of these areas which can include key migration pathways for animals. In 2012, 384 elephants and 29 rhinos were lost to poaching. This year 190 elephants and 34 rhinos have been killed. Likely that…read more


Me First.

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Yes I will admit I am still naive on Kenya’s wildlife issues, not because I haven’t dedicated the time to read or research about them, but simply because I am not yet there to get my “arms” around the situation and understand the politics of what is truly taking place. That will happen soon enough and a wise person knows that this is absolutely essential to understanding any real state of affairs. But perhaps being able to be away from the fire so to speak has its advantages. Within a…read more


Well Said.

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“Conservation…is poorly funded at state and regional levels and this translates directly into a lack of properly trained personnel. National borders are porous to put it mildly, corruption in policing and border control is endemic from the top ranks to the lowest officials, and poverty is rife, making it easy to recruit desperate individuals into the poaching army. By contrast, the international criminal syndicates behind the illegal ivory trade are well organised, well funded and ruthlessly efficient.” Peter Borchert, Founder africa Geographic 770 Pieces of ivory worth Sh4billion confiscated in…read more


Amboseli Dust.

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Kenyan elephants are not only endangered by poachers, but by the tourist and wildlife management industries as well. “I was very upset with the behavior of many guides, speeding on the road, racing to get in front of the Elephants, sometimes even blocking them completely and upsetting them. I feel that a lot of improvement must occur in the whole Kenyan guiding policy and system as it is not possible having to constantly tolerate such ruthless and disrespectful behavior towards animals and other visitors. I also don’t understand why KWS…read more


Dirty Work.

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Fake lease agreements, children doing dirty work, armed herders, and illegal grazing in a protected ecosystem. The pressure is on.


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