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Elizabeth Wainwright at Kinga Animal Advocacy


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I have been quiet since I have come home from Kenya. I don’t think anybody can estimate how a trip to Africa can have an impact on you until you experience it for yourself. During this time, the United States crushed its ivory stockpile on Thursday November 14, 2013. If you haven’t already seen or read about it, you can visit the official event website here: As a passionate conservationist, something about this whole event just didn’t sit right with me. I’ll try to explain. This past Thursday, the…read more

The Elephant Orphans of Kenya.

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My last day in Kenya was spent at the place where it all began for me. The place where I first learned about the plight of orphaned elephants in the wild via the Internet and what ultimately brought me to Africa- The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust nursery in Nairobi. Situated on the outskirts of town and within the national park that surrounds the city, here is the place where elephant orphans lucky enough to be found from all over Kenya have a home with other victims whose mothers or families…read more

On the Mend.

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This little baby kudu lost its mother to a leopard attack and barely escaped himself. Such a sweet moment to help feed a little soul on the mend. Precious. At Tassia.

A Rainbow in Tassia.

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I have just spent four days in the wild at Tassia, an ecolodge in the Laikipia region of Northern Kenya. Here are days and nights spent perched high on the side of a rock formation in an open air room looking down into a valley of elephant families going about their day. No phone. No TV. No internet. Just the sounds of the wild and the expansive view of nature all around you. I spent mornings on safari walks and days watching the animals- a must for anyone who comes…read more


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