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Elizabeth Wainwright at Kinga Animal Advocacy

Merck says No to Chimpanzees.

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The Humane Society of the United States today announced that pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. recently decided that it will no longer conduct or financially support biomedical research on chimpanzees for the foreseeable future and will favor alternative methods. Way to go Merck. In recent years, several other pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Novo Nordisk, have adopted similar policies prohibiting or severely restricting chimpanzee use. Another good day for these beautiful and sensitive creatures. Be sure to read the full story from the HSUS.

Elephant Attack in Kruger National Park.

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I am devastated and angered by watching the video of the tourists who were charged and injured by an elephant while in musth in Kruger National Park. These folks placed themselves and the future of this animal in harm’s way because of ignorance. Musth is a right of passage for male elephants and ensures that they mate with females and hence we have baby elephants in this world. This poor elephant was deemed unusually aggressive and killed because of this unfortunate circumstance by park authorities. Clearly from the video, he…read more

A Stunning Leopard Speaks.

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The most compelling evidence of animal/human communication demonstrated here between a man and stunning black leopard. Hard to refute the reality of telepathy and communication capabilities that we have with the animal kingdom if we allow and recognize it. Reminds me to always be careful how we speak about and to our animals in their presence. If you love animals or have a pet, a must watch. Thank you Terry Lamb for sharing this.



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I was fortunate to meet this beautiful and brilliant 18-year old Cornell student last week. Her grandmother asked if I would be so kind as to provide any advice I may have for entering the field of clinical nutrition. Today, I received an email from her with the following note: “I had a great time hearing about your work, and I hope I can put your advice into practice. I feel like talking with you has put me ahead of where I would be otherwise. Thank you.” Thank you Laurel for…read more

How to Really Save Elephants in 11 Minutes

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