A Rainbow in Tassia.

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I have just spent four days in the wild at Tassia, an ecolodge in the Laikipia region of Northern Kenya. Here are days and nights spent perched high on the side of a rock formation in an open air room looking down into a valley of elephant families going about their day. No phone. No TV. No internet. Just the sounds of the wild and the expansive view of nature all around you.


I spent mornings on safari walks and days watching the animals- a must for anyone who comes to Africa. So much of a traditional safari is spent in a safari car, driving around, scuttling to see the “big five” game. You cannot be outside and walk when in national parks and reserves – so days can be stuck in the car which does not afford you to get up close and personal to the nature that surrounds you.¬†When you are able to walk in the bush, it is just you and your guide – no noise except for your footsteps and those of the animals. An experience not to be missed.

Martin Wheeler and Antonia Hall were my hosts during my stay. I was one of their last guests before they close the lodge for the month of November during the rains. Martin is a passionate conservationist and Antonia, an amazing foodie and Maasai women’s beading project leader, along with “Mole” their wonderful dog who has the life most dogs might dream of. These folks have a love for the people and the animals which can be felt everyday when spending time with them.

Their conservancy is home to approximately 1500 elephants from November to April each year. Each day at Tassia I watched elephant families browse, perched high above from my room and in comfy places around the lodge. It was wonderful to see so many little ones in tow, some just months old. There is much to gain from watching these creatures in their natural habitat – you learn behaviors, patterns, and careful rearing of young that is heartwarming and amazing to witness. I feel so lucky to have spent some of my last days in Kenya undisturbed with the elephants in this most beautiful place and with amazing people dedicated to protecting its future.

Thank you Martin and Antonia for all that you do for the Maasai, the elephants and other wildlife within your care. Tassia will forever remain in my heart.

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