Amboseli Dust.

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Amboseli Elephants

Kenyan elephants are not only endangered by poachers, but by the tourist and wildlife management industries as well.

“I was very upset with the behavior of many guides, speeding on the road, racing to get in front of the Elephants, sometimes even blocking them completely and upsetting them. I feel that a lot of improvement must occur in the whole Kenyan guiding policy and system as it is not possible having to constantly tolerate such ruthless and disrespectful behavior towards animals and other visitors. I also don’t understand why KWS keeps on building huge roads inside the parks, encouraging people to increase the speed and opening up the park to sub-standard vehicles and drivers.”

As said by Frederico Veronesi during his latest “Best of Kenya” ImageSafari while in Amboseli National Park.

Photo: Frederico Veronesi

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