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Elizabeth Wainwright at Kinga Animal Advocacy

An Evening with Richard Dreyfuss & MWCT San Diego January 23, 2014

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RSVP requested by this Friday, January 17th. Plan to attend a star-studded evening with U.C. San Diego faculty members, the founder of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT), and actor and activist Richard Dreyfuss as they share their perspectives, insights and experiences from visiting and working in Kenya. The evening’s topic will focus on the Maasai living the Kuku Group Ranch. The Kuku Group Ranch is home to roughly 16,000 people and lies in an important migration corridor of around 280,000 acres that is at the base of Chyulu Hills,…read more

Edward Norton Says No to Ivory.

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Great awareness via a new WildAid public service campaign shot yesterday in NYC. The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, the Maasai, and Kenya’s elephants all will benefit from the reach of the upcoming public service messages. Thank you Edward! “International film star and renowned conservationist Edward Norton filmed two public service announcements on the illegal ivory trade in New York City yesterday. The messages will be part of the “Say No To Ivory” campaign launched earlier this year by WildAid and Save the Elephants. Norton, President of the US Board for…read more


Burn Baby Burn.

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The U.S. is scheduled to crush its ivory stockpile on October 8, 2013, four days after The International March for Elephants takes place around the world on October 4 and the timing couldn’t be better. The march intends to generate awareness internationally about the potential extinction of these animals by 2025 due to sanctioned ivory sales, illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking. Strategically, the U.S. is set to get some nice branding “mileage” here as a leader in this effort just by crushing the stockpile right on the heels of this…read more



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Kenya Wildlife Service mentions that there is currently 2800 uniformed agents to manage “approximately eight percent of the total landmass of Kenya that consists of 22 national parks, 29 national reserves and four national sanctuaries including six marine national reserves and four marine national parks. ” This does not include the remaining percentage of land outside of these areas which can include key migration pathways for animals. In 2012, 384 elephants and 29 rhinos were lost to poaching. This year 190 elephants and 34 rhinos have been killed. Likely that…read more


Me First.

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Yes I will admit I am still naive on Kenya’s wildlife issues, not because I haven’t dedicated the time to read or research about them, but simply because I am not yet there to get my “arms” around the situation and understand the politics of what is truly taking place. That will happen soon enough and a wise person knows that this is absolutely essential to understanding any real state of affairs. But perhaps being able to be away from the fire so to speak has its advantages. Within a…read more


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