Elephant Attack in Kruger National Park.

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I am devastated and angered by watching the video of the tourists who were charged and injured by an elephant while in musth in Kruger National Park. These folks placed themselves and the future of this animal in harm’s way because of ignorance. Musth is a right of passage for male elephants and ensures that they mate with females and hence we have baby elephants in this world.

This poor elephant was deemed unusually aggressive and killed because of this unfortunate circumstance by park authorities. Clearly from the video, he was not unusually aggressive until the tourists car invaded his rightful space and he then provided warnings not to approach any closer which seemed to go unheeded. You can see the immense power in the video that an elephant possesses – always remember this.

Should you ever go on a self-guided safari or know anyone who plans to, please be sure they understand how to observe wild animals appropriately. There is a checklist in the article that teaches how to observe elephants in their natural environment.

It is unfair that these animals are killed because of our obsession to be close or have amazing photos of them. Remember, these animals do not live in a zoo – it is called the wild – and mother nature rules it with an iron fist.


Photo Credit: BBC News

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