Essays & World Wildlife Day.

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In honor of World Wildlife Day and the Kenya Wildlife Service, I will be posting some of the essays from our Wildlife Conservation Student Group project in Kajiado, Kenya. The first essay is included below and is written by two of our Year 10 students. I am so inspired and moved by these words. There is such hope for the future with these children’s voices reaching out into the world today.


An Essay by Wanderi Kariuki (16 years) & Ivy Chebet (15 years)

Whenever one hears of the African plains, a common picture instantly comes to mind. One imagines beautiful wide-open spaces. One visualizes extensive grass plains being blown back and forth by the cool African breeze, wildlife grazing freely and intermingling amongst one another. This is the pride of Africans.

From the enormous elephants to the little birds, from the crocodiles in the water to the vultures in the air, the African plains are littered with diversity of wildlife. This is one of the reasons the African plains are so amazing.

To whom much is given, much is expected; therefore we must do our part in the conservation of our beautiful African wildlife. Be it in a small or big way, let us do our part in nurturing a loving towards preservation of wildlife. Since we co-exist with one another, African people should do their best to ensure the safety of African wildlife. If we are able to achieve this dream we are sharing, our children and grandchildren will be able to admire the wildlife we see today. Let us aim to leave a positive legacy.

We ask you, do you want to be remembered as the generation that cleared out the entire wildlife, or be the heroes that fought to preserve the animal population. This we leave up to you to decide, but as for us, our ambition is clear, since our wildlife is part of our heritage, we shall make it our responsibility to see that it survives in the way that nature intended.


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