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Elizabeth Wainwright at Kinga Animal Advocacy

What’s Right?

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Problem is Scott Olmstead, the North American model of conservation does not apply to Africa. And unfortunately when all of us intervene in Africa (conservationists as well), we all influence the management of Africa’s resources. That means you and me and there is much debate about that and much to consider in our efforts. I believe every hunter has the right to hunt. What needs to be considered is reverence for a dwindling and endangered species. To be examined at this time are the repercussions for hunting an animal such…read more

How to Really Save Elephants in 11 Minutes

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Impressions Made in China.

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) advertising campaigns in Chinese cities have produced some interesting impression ROI after 3 years. RapidAsia conducted the research on advertisements designed to educate the public about the slaughter of elephants required to obtain the ivory. It is currently estimated that 70% of China’s population believes that ivory tusks simply fall out or are discarded and killing of elephants is not part of the obtainment process. It is not known the sample size of the audiences or the specific cities that were part of…read more


Working with the EIA.

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An important first day. This morning I met with Mary Rice, Executive Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency. This organization’s purpose to uncover the aspects of the illegal wildlife trade through undercover investigations and interviews. Once vital information is compiled, it is prepared into reports and films that are shared with government agencies and NGO/conservation organizations. In short, the EIA determines the truth about the ivory trade – vital statistics, how it works, key points of contact, and the bodies of government or other organizations that are involved. To be…read more

Burn Baby Burn.

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The U.S. is scheduled to crush its ivory stockpile on October 8, 2013, four days after The International March for Elephants takes place around the world on October 4 and the timing couldn’t be better. The march intends to generate awareness internationally about the potential extinction of these animals by 2025 due to sanctioned ivory sales, illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking. Strategically, the U.S. is set to get some nice branding “mileage” here as a leader in this effort just by crushing the stockpile right on the heels of this…read more


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