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Elizabeth Wainwright at Kinga Animal Advocacy

The Elephant Orphans of Kenya.

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My last day in Kenya was spent at the place where it all began for me. The place where I first learned about the plight of orphaned elephants in the wild via the Internet and what ultimately brought me to Africa- The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust nursery in Nairobi. Situated on the outskirts of town and within the national park that surrounds the city, here is the place where elephant orphans lucky enough to be found from all over Kenya have a home with other victims whose mothers or families…read more

A Special Thank You from Campi ya Kanzi.

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A special thank you from Campi Ya Kanzi to all of the women who donated items at the Kenya & Elephants event for the school children who are supported by the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. Read it here: Ele

Donation Delivery.

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Yesterday I visited one of the primary schools supported by MWCT to hand deliver some of the donations provided by a group of wonderful women before I left for Kenya. See my post “1 Night – 27 Women – 14,439 Wishes of Love for Maasai Children” to learn more about these fantastic ladies. I arrived just before the children were set to leave for the day. There are approximately 861 children that attend this particular school ages starting from nursery and up to standard 8 grade class. The number…read more

So Close.

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I have been in Tsavo National Park and Ithumba for the last few days with no phone, internet, or tourists. I have seen more stars in the night sky than I could explain. What an amazing immersion I have had with orphan, ex-orphan and wild elephants. The days spent with Benjamin and the keepers of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust brought new understanding into an orphaned elephant’s eventual rehabilitation back to the wild. I will post some beautiful pictures in the next few days. Tonight it is time to sleep.


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Maasai Mara game drive October 16th.


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